Never have just one plan

So, a good reminder from some personal events this weekend for those following the Fire path.  Even after you have done whatever Work brings you face to face with your Rage/Anger, things can still trigger you.  It is not the things you can predict that are the problem but the ones that hit you with little time to plan.  Once you are triggered, even with very good control, you will likely find your blood coursing (I tend to say: “My blood is up”) and be very excited.  You need multiple methods to calm yourself.

Without explicit discussion, helping someone else with their work required me to raise a bit of my own Rage.  It was a specific request I felt I needed to fulfil.  It was not something I had expected that evening and several of my methods for ramping down (based on people in my life), were not feasible.  I found myself madly pacing an entire building for quite sometime without realizing why.  A friend could see what I needed and ultimately helped me but it left me, after another conversation, with the thought that we all need multiple methods for control.  Some that have worked for me:

Formulaic Prayer (Which I forgot to use after the fact) – Often works best as a regular practice.

Loved ones (Who I did not happen to have with me)

Physical activity (Which at least takes the edge off)

Meditation (Can tie to formulaic prayer) – Often works best as a regular practice.

Ritual (This can be MANY different things but something that takes you to a very different place, often with someone else involved.)

I would not recommend alcohol, even though I drink.  I also would avoid caffeine.

Also, be aware that you may have aftershocks and be ready for those.

Also, any approach to scheduled practice of all of the above can be quite helpful.

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