A take on UPG, Reconstructionism and what we can know


I certainly go to sources for what we can but the point of the article is that, in many cases, we have less than we think using written sources.  Many reconstructionists supplement with archaeology, and I feel that is still important.  However, there will always be gaps.  It is an unavoidable situation. 

However, here is an opposing point of view:


I also agree that UPG is used by some as an insult.  I would remember the following things:

1) Personal truths may not be transferrable to others.  What works for you may not work for another.

2) Even people with very similar backgrounds and points of view may differ.

3) To many, “right” is what they learned first

4) Whether you like it or not, you likely have more in common with that person at the other end of the spectrum than a random stranger.


May you find Luck and Insight

One response to “A take on UPG, Reconstructionism and what we can know”

  1. aeddubh says :

    Reblogged this on The Words Swim, Waiting and commented:
    I agree with the blogger on his points, but I also found the two Witches and Pagans links to be interesting. Apparently there are those who have issues with the term “UPG” itself- one writer thinks it’s demeaning to the gnosis that many choose to include in their practice, while the other thinks that it lumps gnosis (which he doesn’t seem to like) together with more scholarly but non-“lore” elements (which he does seem to like). Personally, I think it’s a useful and valid term- if nothing else, a marker for a *personal* truth that *may* need more corroboration or testing or validation.

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