Quiet Strength

Recently, I have found myself facing the darker sides of the human condition.  The actions that our idealized selves would wish were not part of life.  Life, however, is not lived in the ideal world.  In doing this, and talking to a number of people as well as helping several, I have come to see a different kind of strength and courage.  The courage to stand strong in the face of hard things and be an example to others so that they can know how to stand as well.  Or, sometimes, just to show them that there are better things that they can eventually reach.  This isn’t the action hero.  This is the strong and loving parent, the loyal friend, the steadfast companion or the lantern in the night when someone is lost.  And sometimes, it matters more than the warrior or the mystic.  Sometimes it is the best of things.

So, remember that standing and being a good example can mean more than you might ever know.  Think more, once in awhile, of Mr. Rogers than Clint Eastwood.  People LISTEN to Mr. Rogers.

As to heathen spirituality, I will point you two places.  One, I admit, is new for me.  It is Sigyn, who is a symbol for loyalty.  Here is a poem and art that struck me:


In addition, I look strongly to Freya for Worth.  In many ways, Freya is strongly about Worth and the right of Sovereignity over one’s self.  There is a Passion and Strength there as well.  I do not have a link for her, it is part of my personal connection but spend the time and you may find one of your own.

Read, study, work and do the things that need doing.  But remember, also, to STAND.


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