Why I Stay A Pagan

As someone with some knowledge of law (NOT an attorney) and organizations, the points raised here are valid and worth considering no matter where you fall in your beliefs. We are a very small sub group of the population and the differences we fight over are meaningless to most outsiders.

Of Axe and Plough

I’m writing this to sort of counterbalance the vitriolic spat that I posted up before.  I’m leaving it up but, after I’ve allowed my head to cool (I hate bullies), I’ve come to the realization that it sort of puts a pretty nasty view on my blog.

But I didn’t want to delete it, because it needed to be said.  I had thought about it, but I stand by what I said.  But I do want to say why I stick with the Pagan label, despite lacking my own local community.

But I think this most recent blow-up really highlights the fact that there is a reckoning coming – of sorts – in the community.  No, nothing wholly immense or dangerous.  Or that we’re going to get together and vote out people who focus on Ritual Aspect XYZ.  But that the term Pagan is either too broad or too restricting…

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