A good blog post on the Vanir and thoughts on Freya


She is right, they tend to be white washed or “Disney-fied”.  I found her Freya portion the most relevant to me although I do think Frey has things to say as well.  Freya was the first deity I went to for actual results and I was paid back in spades.  There was pain, but it was very necessary pain.  Until recently, I saw Freya as the goddess of my “Off Duty” time but I have begun to see things run much more deeply than that.

She is Passion and Mystery and Magic but she is also the one who takes half the slain.  That makes her Death as well.  Folkvang, her hall, is most likely a kenning for a graveyard. We should not forget that Passion and Fury are deeply intertwined and the cause for much strife.  Mannsongr, the love songs of our ancestors, were dedicated to her and yet these songs were considered sufficiently dangerous that they were ultimately banned (possibly by Christians, possibly not).

I talked to a number of people who treat her with great care and fear her.  One considered Loki far less dangerous.  All of these people, however, are far more mystically inclined than I.  My connection seems a bit different (whether you see that as direct or my own mind is immaterial) and more focussed on Passion, Love, Sacrifice and sometimes a bit of Rage.

Remember also that her tears of grief for Odr fall to Earth as drops of gold.  One could argue, therefore, that sometimes Wealth, Worth, Passion and Grief are intertwined as well.

Hail Freya!  Hail the Vanir!

P.S. – In the interest of my “heathen centrist” position, here is a blog entry from a more reconstructionist source that mentions Freya at some length (along with Thor and Odin):


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