Reconstructionism versus Revivalism

This is drawn from someone I read on Tumblr (and have corresponded with but realize I talk to all sides deliberately).  It is a better academic set of definitions for parts of what I was discussing here:

This was my favorite portion:

The boundaries are, again, a bit vague, but the differences lie in how concerned one is that we have solid proof that something was historically done (or thought about), how concerned one is with the details of praxis, to what degree one wants to “modernize”, acceptance of innovation (regardless of whether it fits within the worldview and system), and acceptance or rejection of UPG and mysticism as supplements for building the religion (and how public or private such things are kept).

We cannot live in the past and must move forward but the past and the actions of our ancestors (blood or spirit) should inform our choices.  We need to see where they were on the map long ago and then consult both our compass and our own internal, hopefully informed, sense of things.

I have seen plenty of pettiness and foolishness on all sides.  It is, for good or ill, part of the human condition.

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