Heathen related murder investigation


The wretch in question is now dead but this raises a consistent problem for us.  We are most known outside our own communities (in the press anyway) as tied to prison racists or corrupt officials.

I touched on this here:


We are so small that the actions of such a man hurt us dearly.  I wish I had better answers as to what we should do but I do not.  I dreaded that the case in question or the ones in Texas would have a heathen tie.  Hel, I even had a small fear regarding Boston.  I am glad I was wrong with the rest of them.

I think, in the short term, our best option is to live our lives well.  A number of us still feel we must hide our faith to hold jobs.  While I absolutely agree that this is wrong, against the spirit of the First Amendment and against one of my oaths; I and others still need to feed our familes.  But, if we live well and are thought well of, we can be an example over time to show that we are not all wretches, demons and madmen.

Live well and live honorably.  Look at every deed.

Luck and good life to you all.


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