Kinship Masterpost

I believe this analysis of kinship ties to my most recent thoughts. The idea that we are not just individuals and that our actions have larger consequences.

Caught in Loki's Harrow

I went looking into the histories of prechristian Scandinavian cultures assuming the hardest thing to deal with would be the sexism.

It’s not. It’s run of the mill sexism. Women’s lives are constrained in ways to do with the culture’s concerns about paternity. Some women find their status onerous, some women find their role ennobling, some act within it, some push its boundaries. There is nothing especially difficult or shocking about it. Sexism isn’t required to worship in certain way or to build a devotional relationship with female or domestic gods.

BUT There is a different concept that I didn’t expect, that is turning out more troubling to me. Partly because I value some aspects of it and devalue others – it puts its unintended consequences right in front of my eyes. It seems to demand digestion from me – a barrier to be dealt with before I can move…

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