Hermod – Part 3

This post will be shorter than the others:



It is more of a practical realization and observation of what Hermod seems to be meaning in my life and how working with Hermod and worshipping has affected me and the “duties” that seem to follow.  I have written poetry and prose to Hermod and am working on prayers and minor adorations but there are two more direct observations.

First, a friend was going into the hospital for major surgery with some concerns that Hel might be around the corner.  I felt a strong pull to Hermod in this case and did a fair amount of praying.  My message was more to my friend than to Hel.  I don’t think the lore shows Hel as very negotiable and would argue that part of Hermod’s story is that it didn’t even work for Balder and you certainly won’t get that for yourself.  No, my message was more about courage and fighting to survive.  I think Hermod is a fine example of courage that is not about combat but the kind of courage we honor in an explorer or someone similar who risks much in merely traveling.  In the end, my friend made it through and things are looking well for him.

The second was only last week and a surprise.  Another friend lost his mother several weeks ago after a long and debilitating illness ending in a stroke where they could not tell if she was even aware.  My friend lived states away and did everything he could to be there for his mother.  He is also a devout Roman Catholic.  He called me that night in tears and broken, feeling a failure and not finding solace in his own faith or even his actions.  It was up to me, the fatalistic heathen, the console the Christian.  Somehow, the lessons of Hermod helped me and by the end we were laughing and joking.  I knew there were no magic answers.  I had to let me friend talk and see that there was no shame in that long, hard ride (all of his efforts to help his mother) and that he could not blame himself for her dying as that was always beyond his control (the ultimate failure of Hermod’s mission due to events of which he was unaware).  It all served me to help me friend and see that, as a grief counselor to my friend, I was fulfilling my own devotion to Hermod.

I have often found that my faith and relationship to deity is more about example and living than mystical experience.  Hermod is yet another example.

Hail Hermod, Hel Rider!  Show us that quiet courage without a blade in hand is often as important as the flashier kinds.

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