Racism and Heathenry

I have encountered a number of situations where people have assumed or feared that my interest in heathenry would tie me to racist groups.  The first time this happened was early on and came from a dear and close black friend.  I have heard it off and on since including another friend whose own father told them: “Odin hates Mexicans.”

I do sincerely wish a certain Austrian psychotic house painter and his moron secret policeman had not appropriated such Teutonic symbols, but I cannot change history and, in fact, feel we must always learn from our past.

Here is a good post by someone I have not met, although I like their writing and a friend or two have vouched for them. It talks of our need to speak out and where the connections to racism come from:


You might also want to watch this, but be aware that it is quite disturbing.  It hit me hard the first time I saw it and I am still facing some internal qualms:

It should be obvious, but this sort of hatred and stupidity should not be part of any spiritual practice.  If you see such things, speak against them.  Maybe you will be lucky and social pressure will help.  If it does not, you are on record that all of us despise such beliefs.

Thank you for reading.

5 responses to “Racism and Heathenry”

  1. Elizabeth says :

    On the “Odin hates Mexicans” crap, might that have come from the vile “Wotan vs. Tezcatlipoca” essay from the AFA? It sounds likely to me 😛

    • facingthefireswithin says :

      The person found racist heathenry in prison, I learned this from one of his children and do not know him directly, which is fine. But, that statement is one I use as inspiration at times.

    • Lucius Svartwulf says :

      you mean that one essay about La Raza and how they’re picking up being recons for the old Aztec religion? Call it vile if you want (it threw me for a loop too) but then I ran into some La Raza’s official literature.

      Sadly…if anything, the essay was accurate. 😦

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