The positive power of Rage and Outrage

If you have not followed the news out of India, look here:

Feel free to do searches on other news sites as well, if you have not been following the story. It is worth understanding as part of it that Delhi seems to have a terrible history of sexual assault and harassment.  I should also note that I am an American with no direct connection to India or the issues at hand and am looking at this solely from the point of view of rage and anger as forces with the power to transform.  My connection to this conceptually came when a friend linked to the following:

The line that drew me most was: 

When you’re cornered by a wolf snarling and baring its fangs do you lecture it on the sanctity of life? No, you react.

My path has led me to that growling place of outrage more than once.  I salute the Rage of the women of India and hope they find a way to tap that power to change things for themselves.  To use the force of that deep and intense outrage to effect short term and long term change.

Sometimes, we must face the Fires in ourselves but see that they have been stoked by something that requires action.  Fire has always been powerful for good or ill.  Look into those Fires and ACT.

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