Hail those who fight inside everyday, and win

I wrote this sometime back after a previous rampage killing:


I firmly believe, as part of my calling, that we must do more to honor the millions of men who face their demons inside everyday and DO NO HARM.  Their Gleipnir, whatever it may be forged from, holds and the terrible things they feel and the Fires inside them burn no one else.

In this Yule season, honor the bonds that help us stay controlled and nod to those around you as their chains HOLD.  If you see someone who is struggling, see if you can help or listen.  Long ago, those who failed to restrain a berserk were penalized in the same way as the berserk.  Let us remember, as we talk about the darkness without, not to forget the darkness within.

Joyous Yule and Holidays to all.  The light inside us can always illuminate the darkness.  Let Kenaz, the torch of wisdom, be with you in the long nights.

2 responses to “Hail those who fight inside everyday, and win”

  1. Elizabeth says :

    Hail to all those who continue to restrain the Fenrir within, day after day.

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