A Wonderful Yule Gift and Worship Piece

I have a wonderful friend whose blog can be found here with some samples:



This was his gift to me.  From left to right:

Heimdall, Freya, Hermod, Fenris

I was not aware that it was a gift and was going to buy it, as I have a friend in dear need of spiritual support and wanted a portable altar to prepare for that.  When I asked last night, he and his wife gave it to me as a gift.

He also does very good knife and other metal work as well as sharpening services.  I just had him sharpen a number of knives for me.

If you are heathen or pagan, I recommend this portable altar concept.  It is easily portable and durable.  If I get something more strongly from it in time, I will write about that as well.

2 responses to “A Wonderful Yule Gift and Worship Piece”

  1. 3ravensmetalcraft says :

    You gave me the inspiration to explore my craft in a different way. Besides, you know me, I get the “nudge” to make something, and I have to do it. I hope it serves you well in your practice.


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