The Two Wolves

A comic illustrated version of an old story that a friend sent me today.  I have not seen a convincing origin for the actual story although I have seen a lot attributions.  One could argue that the black wolf in the page looks a bit like Fenrir.

My difficulty with the story is the rather stark dualism.   It assumes pure good fighting pure evil.  If the black wolf includes so called negative traits such as Anger, Fear (added), Greed and Ego; we assume that these traits are never positive.  It is a major part of my Work to argue that this is a false and potentially dangerous dichotomy.  Sometimes, you HAVE to feed the black wolf or at least acknowledge it.

Are there risks?  Of course there are. I would argue that if you think you are just feeding the white one, that is Arrogance as well.  In this case, Yin/Yang and concepts of balance are a good thing to consider.

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