A post on Rampage killers worth reading


As you read this, think about something slightly different.  Rather than these pathetic wretches who deserve no glory or honor for their flawed and weak expression of “Running Amok”, think of the men and women around you who have maintained their “Gleipnir” on their inner Fenris.  The desperate destruction in them remains chained and they do no harm.  Honor this struggle and these people.  Support them in whatever way you can. 

Dishonor, Disdain and Disrespect these Wretches.  They are not worthy of memory. 

Fight the Good Fight inside yourself and make sure you WIN!

2 responses to “A post on Rampage killers worth reading”

  1. kittona3a3a3 says :

    I think this might be the reason I had such a hard time with the Knight series of Batmans – in the previous movies, the action scenes were obvious farces, nothing on reality. In these movies, it was “true” violence. Something that I have a difficult-almost-impossible time with.

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