A poem sent by a friend on Rage

You that Mitchel’s prayer have heard,
“Send war in our time, O Lord!”
Know that when all words are said
And a man is fighting mad,
Something drops from eyes long blind,
He completes his partial mind,
For an instant stands at ease,
Laughs aloud, his heart at peace.
Even the wisest man grows tense
With some sort of violence
Before he can accomplish fate,
Know his work or choose his mate.

– from “Under Ben Bulben”, William Butler Yeats

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2 responses to “A poem sent by a friend on Rage”

  1. kittona3a3a3 says :


  2. Del says :

    Ha ha.
    Although it’s more like a meme and less of what it claims to be, nevertheless I’ve awarded you with the “Inspiring Blogger Award”. Details, including the nice things I’ve said about your blog, can be found here:

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