Prayer/Toast to Tyr

This is a toast I did earlier this year in preparation for some important work.  Part of it was drawn from here:  The rest is mine.

The Hag of the Iron Wood had three children,
And the daughter was death,
The son was destruction,
And the third encircled the world. 

Mountain’s roots.

Beard of a gentle woman.

Spittle of a bird.

Footfall of a cat.

Breath of a fish.

Nerves of a bear.

For Fenris must be chained
Or Chaos will be King.

Tyr, I ask for the strength to make the necessary sacrifice.  Inspire in me the strength to do what I must that I might forge a chain for myself and others.  Let me bind Wisdom and Rage with Honor and in the forging of my own chain know my own strength and my own wisdom

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