A Christian site on anger


I found this while doing a keyword search for my own site.  I think it is worth knowing what other traditions do even if it does not apply.  

I am thinking that this shows four “methods” of dealing with Rage/anger that I have seen so far:

Denial – This can work for a time, but the Beast inside you eventually digs out of your basement in ways you cannot afford.

Water – Buddhist/Stoic/Taoist – Learning a form of peaceful meditation and letting your anger flow out.  (I am aware that this is a poor description and will work to improve this over time.)

Surrender to a Higher Power – Christian, AA – As a heathen, I am not willing to offer all of me to any deity and I feel I am failing as a man not to find control somewhere inside myself.

Fire – Face the Rage Beast inside and walk straight into that Fire.  Let it burn you a bit and then apply your own Gleipnir (the chain which bound Fenris) to your inner Fenris.  If you can do this correctly, you accept your Rage and become one with it for a time without letting it possess you completely.  Once I did this, I found that I could pass through most anger with laughter.

I will write more of this last method in time.

3 responses to “A Christian site on anger”

  1. EVCelt says :

    On the “Fire” method- does this include the idea of harnessing the Rage and using it as fuel?

    • facingthefireswithin says :

      Indeed, it would. I have not done a lot of that and some would argue that you need to train yourself for Right Action with great care before trying such a thing or it would be too much like Running Amok.

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